Why Form A Company in Ireland?

When making a decision to invest in a location, companies take into account a multitude of factors. As a starting point, companies are looking for a location with the appropriate mix of available talent, a competitive tax environment, a supportive pro-business ecosystem in terms of incentives and a cost-competitive place to live and work.

In 2015 Forbes named Ireland “Best Country in the World for Business”.

Let’s see why

  • Ireland ranked 1st in the world for availability of skilled labour
  • Low tax, pro-business environment with 12.5% corporate tax rate and 68 double taxation treaties in place
  • Ireland ranks in the top 10 in the Global Innovation Index 2013 and supports this with generous R+D tax credits of 25%.
  • First in the world for inward investment by quality and value, 1st in Europe for the number of investment jobs per capita
  • Ireland is ranked in the top 10 countries in the world whose education system meets the needs of a competitive economy
  • Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone
  • Ireland offers barrier-free access to over 500 million consumers in Europe – the world’s largest single market
  • Ireland has the freest economy in the whole of the Euro-Zone
  • Ireland is ranked in the top 10 easiest places in Europe to do business
  • Irish businesses are feeling more optimistic about the economic outlook than they were 12 months ago and have increased expectations of investing more in their businesses and hiring new staff this year.

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Let’s take a closer look

  • 12.5% Corporate Tax rate
  • Tax treaty network with 69 countries
  • Tax relief for transfer of intangible assets to Ireland
  • R&D tax credit of 25%.

Irish multinational predominantly young workforce is capable, adaptable and committed to achievement.

The population average age is 35, the lowest in the EU.


Over 50% of Irish 30-34 years olds have a third degree – higher than any other country in the EU. Furthermore most of the immigrants who come to Ireland are at least Bachelor degree level educated, and many of them possess a Masters or a PhD.


1st for investment incentives for qualifying projects including:

  • R&D grants (in addition to R&D tax credits)
  • Employment grants
  • Capital grants

Ireland’s Global Ranking

1st for availability of skilled labour

1st for flexibility and adaptability of workforce

1st for Investment Incentives

2nd in the Eurozone for ease of doing business.

Ireland rates in the top three in the Globalization Index.

Sources: IMD World, IBM, EY Globalization Index.

Serving the Middle East Business: Hubs in the Middle East are served by direct flights of less than eight hours from Dublin.

US border pre-clearance: Ireland is the only European country with United States border preclearance.

1st for Inward Investment by quality and value

2nd globally for the number of Inward Investment Jobs per capita

1st in Europe for Jobs created in Research and Development

9 out of 10 Global Software Companies

9 out of 10 Global Pharmaceutical Corporations

12 out of 20 Global Internet Properties

3 out of 6 Games Publishers

15 out of 20 World’s Leading Financial Services

13 out of 15 World’s Medical Device Companies

Company Formation Services

Ireland – A Gateway to your business success

One of the main focus of our business revolves around the company formation service. We can incorporate a new company for you in just a few working days. If you want to only form a company just for now, we are more than happy to oblige as we are company formation experts.

We offer the complete package for businesses all around the world.

Initial advice

During our Free initial conversation, we will guide you through key decisions like the appointment of directors and the company secretary. Also, we take a genuinely helpful and open approach, speaking to you about the advantages and disadvantages of opening a company here in Ireland.

And much more!

Fehu Finds Solutions operates as a single corporate service provider for all a business’s service needs. We partnered with a professional team of Accountants, Lawyers, Financial Analysts and Business Consultants who can advise and set up a business, recruiting, manage accounts and minimize tax liabilities. And we don’t stop there, through our Immigration Experts, clients are provided with a mentor who helps them manage their residency status and navigate their future.

We know that every business needs a unique touch. Our clients recognize that we’re as enthusiastic about their business as they are, that’s why they love working with us. Our team of consultants can advise you on many subjects, such as tax planning, company strategy, property investment, recruiting, residency & immigration.

Most of the entrepreneurs we speak to, struggle to grow their business because of rigid exchange controls, severely high corporate tax rates, endemic corruption or the simple fact that political instability makes it difficult to invest in the future. In search of a solution, they see investing in Ireland as a viable alternative (well described earlier on the webpage). The added possibility of resident status makes the region that much more attractive.

These are the entrepreneurs that are looking to invest in businesses with actual substance rather than shell companies. And these are the companies that Fehu Finds Solutions and its partners want to support and help grow. We recognize that a successful long-term partnership is possible when we work with businesses who want to establish businesses that provide real value to the local and regional market.

Those are the company types available in Ireland:

  • Company Limited by Shares (LTD)
  • Designated Activity Company (DAC)
  • Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG)
  • Public Limited Company (PLC)
  • Unlimited Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Societas Europaea Company (SE)

Ultimately, at Fehu Finds Solutions we partner with entrepreneurs who are driven to grow their business. We believe helping them succeed also helps boost the Irish economy by providing jobs and stimulating growth.

Fehu Finds Solutions “partners” with the most renowned in Accountancy Service.  Our Partners don’t simply compute your tax liability; they proactively consider any possible planning opportunities that could minimize your tax exposure going forward. Fehu Finds Solutions can help your new Irish company with:

Tax Compliance

Our Tax Consultancy team assist clients in organizing their taxation affairs in a manner that is both tax efficient and commercially sensible. The range of corporate taxation services we provide to our corporate clients includes advice on:

  • Maximizing the 12.5% corporate tax rat
  • Ensuring that full benefit is obtained for tax deductible items, including capital allowances and interest paid
  • Structuring finance arrangements to maximize tax relief’s
  • Group Structures and Company Reorganizations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Restructuring prior to a sale to maximize after tax return
  • Pension planning
  • Tax efficient cash extraction
  • Tax efficient remuneration packages for executives including share option schemes
  • Business Start Ups
  • Revenue Investigations and Audits

Payroll & HR

Fehu Finds Solutions partners provide services to any sized businesses on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis including P30 returns, issuing payslips, general advice as regards holiday benefits, sick pay benefits, benefits in kind, etc. As with any revenue tax, non-compliance or errors can lead to significant interest and penalties being levied by revenue. A brilliant idea is just an idea – without the right people nurturing it in the right way.

Managed payroll features:

  • Preparation of weekly, fortnightly, monthly or other frequency payrolls to schedule
  • Computation of all payroll requirements
  • Verification of additions & deductions, PAYE, PRSI, USC and related issues
  • Computation of BIK notional pay elements
  • Provision of preview files
  • Run of approved payroll


  • Email Payslips: Payslips may be accessed on our secure server upon logging in
  • Security Payslips: 3-part security and delivery to client office for distribution
  • Electronic payments direct to bank of employees and extracted from client account. This will require authorization from the client.
  • Comprehensive multi-format payroll reports with additional and customizable/bespoke reports available
  • Revenue forms P45 for leavers provided to employer for distribution as appropriate
  • Monthly/Quarterly P30 Revenue return processed directly to Revenue
  • Annual P35 return electronic data files processed to Revenue
  • Annual P60 provided for each employee

R & D Tax Credits

What is Research & Development?  Research and Development or “R&D” is typically work directed towards the innovation, introduction and improvement of products and processes.

INNOVATION – Company A designs and manufactures a machine which is used in the production of aluminium cans – This is Research and Development.

INTRODUCTION – Company B produces aluminum cans. It spends time and money determining whether company A’s machine will improve the production rate of the aluminum cans – This is Research and Development.

IMPROVEMENT – Company C has access to company A’s machine but spends time and money on making the machine more productive while also determining how to produce it at a lower cost – This is Research and Development –

As the guidance provided by Revenue is limited, Fehu Finds Solutions partners are in a position where it can help clients determine if a claim can be made and if so to maximize their claim.  We can also assist in reviewing claims that have been made to give clients further comfort surrounding the claim.  As we have been involved in numerous R&D audits we have an understanding of what Revenue are looking for when they are investigating these claims.

Tax Consultancy

Fehu Finds Solutions partners Taxation Consultancy Services are designed to offer you and your business the most favorable tax-efficient solutions. Tax should be treated like any other business cost. Whether you are dealing with income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax, our tax consultants will help you to be in control and minimize the cost to your business. We adopt a proactive and commercial approach to your tax planning. We ensure that taxation advice is not given in a vacuum and that it takes account of personal circumstances, the economic and business context and is specifically designed to achieve your long-term objectives. Our experienced Tax Consultants have the knowledge and expertise to advise individuals and businesses on all areas of Irish taxation.


In a new business start-up many clients do not have the knowledge or time to deal with the overbearing administration that is involved in operating their business. Similarly, small and medium-sized businesses find that they can concentrate more on the “selling of the business” whatever it may be, and we can deal with the administration and compliance deadlines that are a part of every business.

We can offer our services covering VAT returns and bookkeeping prepared internally by our experienced staff or as part of our external client review. We have a wide range of VAT experience from the small corner shop to the large property developer. VAT can be a complex tax and even small breaches can lead to significant interest and penalties being applied by Revenue.

The current deficits in the exchequer receipts has led to increased cash being generated by government as regards the levying fines, interest and penalties for non-compliance and incorrect submissions.

Late submissions and payments of returns are red flags to Revenue and they can trigger revenue audits and enquiries that can lead to additional interest and penalties being levied on the tax payer.

Fehu Finds Solutions partners will take ownership of the compliance and bookkeeping function in your business to ensure that you are advised of upcoming compliance deadlines and to ensure that liabilities are paid when they fall due. We can also negotiate with Revenue on your behalf in relation to agreeing payments plans or installment arrangements for liabilities.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping & Admin Function

  • Experienced Staff who will use the most efficient and up to date methods available
  • All bookkeeping work is supervised by qualified accountancy staff
  • Free up business owner’s time to concentrate on other parts of the business
  • Ensures quality & accuracy of internal accounts reports
  • Provide the business owners with regular reports – sales / bank / debtors / profitability / suppliers., where required
  • Significant Cost Savings over full-time Employees:
  • Lower annual cost
  • No Employer’s PRSI
  • No Holiday Pay
  • No Redundancy Entitlements
  • No training costs
  • No / Reduced software cost

Others Accountancy Services are:

  • Annual Accounts
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Company Secretarial
  • VAT Planning
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Capital Acquisition Tax
  • Litigation Service
  • Merges & Acquisition
  • Profitability Enhancement
  • Debt Resolution
  • Insolvency
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Recovery
  • Auditing

Serviced Offices / Managed Offices (No CAPEX Required)

High quality, purpose built offices, in a brand new development. Fehu Finds Solutions Partner Business Center offers smart, thoughtfully designed, stylishly furnished, flexible and well serviced office for you to create the workplace you need. Fehu Finds Solutions can provide space for just one person, to a dedicated office for your team or a large area for an entire department. Your Office comes fully equipped with everything you need for as long as you need it, including individual Climate Control to each room.

Key benefits

  • Fully Serviced, Furnished & Flexible
  • Different sizes & layout to suit your requirements
  • Free Parking & Municipal Rates included
  • Prestigious Business Address with own phone number
  • Spacious Meeting Rooms & Break out areas
  • State of the art Phone & Broadband Connectivity
  • Personalised Voicemail direct to your Email
  • Meet & Greet with Telephone Support
  • Post, Copying & Faxing
  • Remote Voice Conference & Virtual Meeting Facility
  • Special Requirement
  • Utmost Privacy & Security

 Virtual Offices

Build your corporate image immediately with a prestigious business address in Cork or Dublin. The business address can be used on all company stationery, web site and promotional material.
  • Personalised call answering
  • Message handling
  • Voice mail only
  • Out of hours personalised voicemail management
  • Mail collection & forwarding
  • Fax Management
  • Voicemail Facility
  • Broadband connectivity
  • Virtual private network
  • VLAN connectivity
  • Call redirecting

Meeting Rooms

Want to make that all important first impression, with Fehu Finds Solutions Partner Business Centre get the most from your meetings in a professional environment that offers a superior service which your clients will agree is second to none.
There are several professionally appointed Meeting Rooms with seating capacity comfortably from 2-3 people to 12 people and more. Facilities for constructive Board meetings are excellent, with drop down screens, multimedia projector and Audio conferencing capacity on hand. It has very large windows for natural light and is just off a beautiful balcony. It also has individual Climate control and catering is available if required.