Fehu Finds Intermediary Solutions

Fehu specializes in market transactions, acting as an intermediary

Intermediaries put buyers and sellers together without taking ownership of the product, service or property. They act as go-between. They are not wholesalers or distributors, which buy products and then resell them. They are usually paid on a percentage of the total transaction. Intermediaries, sometimes called brokers or agents, are valuable because they have the skill, knowledge, experience and, just as important, a network that the buyer or seller may not have.

Why use us?

The main objective of marketing is to create valuable exchanges between consumers and producers. The market consists of those consumers who are willing and able to purchase products, hence creating exchanges that satisfy both parties. Intermediaries, also referred to as a middleman, play a vital part in ensuring that the distribution channel between the producer and the consumer is complete.

Advantages of Intermediaries

Our clients, most of the time, are exceptional in producing goods but are not at the same level when it comes down to sell them. Or they might lack in connection and networking to realize that imagined profit. That’s why our clients consider having others sell and distribute it for them.

Other times, our clients are buyers who come to us, because they need to purchase goods in a very quick way and at cheapest possible price.

Increased Reach

Using wholesalers, distributors, retailers, sales agents and rep companies helps you get into markets you can’t get into by yourself. Even if you have the distribution capabilities, you might not be able to negotiate your way into retail chains, where a wholesaler who has relationships with those chains can. Even if you can negotiate contracts with retail outlets and have the production capacity to fulfil their orders, you might not have the staff or delivery capabilities to take advantage of these opportunities. Intermediaries can solve many of the problems that prevent you from achieving your maximum sales potential.

Increased Costs? Fake problem

When you use intermediaries, you must pay them a commission. This decreases your profit margins in the short run or in a single deal, but in the medium and long term, you will increase sales and revenues. This is the reason why a lot of multinational companies out there, have an indirect sales channel, to increase the reach of potential clients, to maximize their sales and profits.

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