The Fe rune ᚠ (Old Norse fé; Old English feoh) represents the f-sound in the Younger Futhark and Futhorc alphabets. Its name means “(mobile) wealth”, cognate to English fee with the original meaning of “sheep” or “cattle” (Dutch Vee, German Vieh, Latin pecum, Sanskrit pashu).


Why we chose this name for the company? In the work field, Fehu represents new projects and new professional opportunities, which can realize an idea, bringing economic stability and life balance.


Fehu Finds Solutions LTd, is a consulting company that, like it says in the name, FINDS YOU SOLUTIONS for some of the new projects You might have.


We act as an Intermediary in the business of buying & selling products. Further, we offer corporate services such as, company formation, business consulting, business strategy, business development, Information Technology strategy.


For this reason, Fehu Finds Solutions is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction: we want to merge customer needs with in-depth knowledge of local and national expertise brought to our customers, in partnership with our Business Associates.